Exercise is Medicine

  • Note: While I have published this article it’s content is in constant motion, always growing and changing. So from time to time I make changes, edits and share new realizations. Feel free to email me your experiences or feedback. Thanks for reading and sharing.

Throughout my entire life I have been an exerciser of one sort or another. I am a natural mover. My spirit literally comes to life when I am engaged in purposeful physical activity. Exercise makes it possible for me to move by brain into stillness so that I am able to read, write and have access my creativity. It’s an ongoing dialogue between brain and body that helps move me towards wholeness.

Over my lifetime, I have learned to identify this dialogue or process as Body IQ. The ability to use movement to harness the power of thought. Or, our human capacity to harness the power of our nervous system to produce powerful, intentional results while achieving true connectivity.

I wondered… Was I alone in this? Or was this just my individual quirk related to a diagnosis I received at age 28, high functioning autism.

Thirty plus years later, I have made the study of Body IQ the priority of my life’s work in one way or another by using movement specificity and patterned exercise, as well as visualization to create whole body movement. In my exploration, Body IQ has become my trademark and Body IQ Girl my identifier.

My goals are to help people connect to wholeness, as well as their intrinsic need for exercise/movement (their why). In doing so, you can discover your innate intelligence while creating and maintaining healthy brain function.

After a movement session with a client, they report being more three dimensional and having a greater sense of connection to everything. And while they benefit from my one-on-one observations, (they call it MSP — Muscle Sensory Perception) and coaching, anyone can learn this truth. As a writer, I would like to capture these moments on paper and share these lessons for all to explore.


I love the freedom of using my body to interpret the space around me. It makes my skin and eyes come alive. I love moving through water, its smooth resistance gives rise to the internal workings of my heart and lungs and makes my brain feel free. Free from its captivity within my head, free from the strain of muscle, bone and organ. To feel deeply is both a blessing and a curse. It has been the journey and challenge my whole life.


I couldn’t keep still as a child. Thank god I was born before the popular notion of medicating children for what is now umbrelled as ADD, ADHD, and so forth. I was encouraged by both my parents to move through things gradually and told that I would eventually find the path to something that I could stick to and that would reveal life to me. As a young girl, woman and now almost a senior citizen, I am still moving my way through life, one day at a time, literally.





Janine is a mind-body wellness practitioner/coach with a specialty in ortho-bodywork & corrective exercise. She maintains a private practice in Camp Hill, Pa.

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Body IQ Girl

Body IQ Girl

Janine is a mind-body wellness practitioner/coach with a specialty in ortho-bodywork & corrective exercise. She maintains a private practice in Camp Hill, Pa.

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