Another new year is upon us. So many challenges still looming from 2020. As Covid 19 wreaks havoc on our ability to live and love, it’s also making it difficult to love living. Business as usual is no more therefore, life as we once knew it, may be changed permanently, Ugh… But this Spring there does seem to be light shining through… For me, it has been like losing the floor and ceiling all at once! Can you relate?

This contrast in COVID symptoms, the very random nature of its nature is what’s keeping us all on edge. The very…

Written back in April 2019

Most of us have never lived through anything like this before. We may have witness pandemics from afar but, now in our own back yard and worldwide in such a short span of time, a whole new picture is emerging before us. But even more stunning is… Out of all the achievements of our time, our time will be remembered for this crisis. It will put us on the list of catastrophic events that may well define our age; and how we respond to the call of the day will create our history or legacy.

  • Note: While I have published this article it’s content is in constant motion, always growing and changing. So from time to time I make changes, edits and share new realizations. Feel free to email me your experiences or feedback. Thanks for reading and sharing.

Throughout my entire life I have been an exerciser of one sort or another. I am a natural mover. My spirit literally comes to life when I am engaged in purposeful physical activity. Exercise makes it possible for me to move by brain into stillness so that I am able to read, write and have access…

Body IQ Girl

Janine is a mind-body wellness practitioner/coach with a specialty in ortho-bodywork & corrective exercise. She maintains a private practice in Camp Hill, Pa.

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